Tales Frey

Red Compositions (2019)


The body is assumed in this sequence of artworks as the principal means for the conceptions supported by different expressions, among them, the performance art, installation, vestment/performative object, drawing and the video art. And in a certain way, I explore ideas that approach the dance, sculpture and music.

The red colour unit defines a link between all the compositions created during the artistic residency at Zsenne.

Red is a primary colour, it is the colour of blood, the colour of sexual energy, passion, anger, a colour associated with revolution, fire and also left-wing political movements. Warm colour, red is the colour used by Hans Christian Andersen in “Red Shoes” and by the Grimm brothers in “Little Red Riding Hood” to discourse on the fertility and especially the desire.


Artworks by Tales Frey

Invited performer: Andreia Morado

Dressmaker: Charline Vincent



1- Objects that I found here to use in my intuitive artistic process.

2- Red Carpet. Performance art | performative object, 2019.

3 and 4- Visual Melody. Video performance | Installation, 2019.

5- SissyParity. Video art, 2019

6- Forefinger. Draw on wall with red glitter, 2019.


Thanks: Andreia Morado, Charline Vincent, Eve Bonneau, Isadora Moreale, Lívia Cordeiro, Paulo Aureliano da Mata, Silvana Campanelli and Susana Abreu.