Tales Frey

Functional Metaphors for Bodies in Space (2019)


Performance To Be Privy by Tales Frey activated during the 86th Anniversary of Rivoli Municipal Theater in Porto, Portugal in January 2018. Photo by José Caldeira


Functional Metaphors for Bodies in Space is a solo exhibition by Tales Frey curated by Hilda de Paulo. The exhibition brings together a set of aesthetic propositions through which the Brazilian artist generates extensions of his own body in dissimilar devices through performing actions performed live, for video or photography. We can understand this body of the artist as a living political archive, establishing different analogies in the emphases given to its members that connect with the environment, with the other or that materialize in an object.



1) Tales Frey, To Be Privy, 2017. Video, 3’50’’;

2) Tales Frey, The Body Never Exists in Itself – Variant I, 2018. Video, 4’13’’;

3) Tales Frey, Il Faut Souffrir pour Être Belle, 2018. Video, 2’03’’;

4) Tales Frey, To Be Privy, 2017. Photo, 103 x 70 cm;

5) Tales Frey, Getting the Mold, 2013. Photo, 50 x 33,3 cm;

6) Tales Frey, Getting the Mold, 2013. Video, 1’04’’;

7) Tales Frey, Island #1, 2016. Video, 8’21’’;

8) Tales Frey, Island #2, 2016. Video, 1’51’’;

9) Tales Frey, Island #3 (Polyptych), 2016. Photos, 40 x 60 cm each;

10) Tales Frey, To Be Privy – Object, 2017. Objeto, 63 x 24 x 11,5 cm.


PROGRAM Functional Metaphors for Bodies in Space

07/03/2019, 19h – performance Il faut souffrir pour être belle

08/03/2019, 17h – conversation with the artist



Tales Frey: Functional Metaphors for Bodies in Space | Curated by Hilda de Paulo | Monumental Gallery, Lisbon, Portugal | From March 7 to April 13, 2019


General plan of the exhibition Functional Metaphors for Bodies in Space (2019) and the performance Il faut souffrir pour être belle (2019), both by Tales Frey. Monumental Gallery, Lisbon, Portugal. Photos by Hilda de Paulo


Le Monde Diplomatique – Portuguese edition. April 2019