Tales Frey

Red Carpet (2019)


Tales Frey, Red Carpet, 2019. Performative dress, 5 x 0,6 m


Red Carpet consists of a single instrument to be used by two people at the same time, imposing the sculptural condition for those who share the time of three hours in the same exhibition space, where the communion of bodies alludes to the conviviality between diverse existences, equating singularities in importance by emphasizing their differences. Bodily compositions are altered in extremely slow (sometimes almost static) movements and thus a dance quality arises.

To say that someone has “down-to-earth” means to say that someone is realistic, is convinced, is rational and, by proposing an impediment to the contact of the feet of those who activate the work, it brings the fantasy, it takes the dreamy aspect, it carries the unrealistic from those who occupy the costume. The name of this artwork refers to the Oscar carpet and all the glamorous notion of that universe. There is a subversion in the presentation of two elegant figures converted into a single carpet, which can even be stepped on by the audience, which has an extremely symbolic performative participation with respect to the social classes of a society. 


This work was conceived during an artistic residency occurred at the Zsenne Art Lab in Brussels / Belgium during September 2019.




[2021] Pretty Ugly, Shame Gallery, Bruxelas, Bélgica.

[2021] Toll of Me, Not a Museum, Lisboa, Portugal.

[2021] Double Trouble #2. Teatro Rivoli. Porto, Portugal.

[2021] XXIVth International Encounters Traverse, Carmélites Chapel, Toulouse, France.

[2019] BIG GAY HEART (please don’t break my big gay heart). Curadoria de José Maia e João Terras. Espaço MIRA, Porto, Portugal.

[2019] Exposição Red Compositions. Zsenne Art Lab, Brussels, Belgium.



[2021] Shared Skins. Oficina Cultural Oswald Andrade. São Paulo-SP, Brazil.

[2021] What Can a Body Do? SP-Arte 365 and Verve Gallery, São Paulo-SP, Brazil.

[2020] Double Trouble #02Teatro Municipal do Porto Rivoli, Porto, Portugal.

[2020] Crossed Bodies. MEANWHILE Gallery, Wellington, New Zealand.

[2020] Red Flag. Sput&Nik the Window, Porto, Portugal.

[2019] Exposição Red Compositions. Zsenne Art Lab, Brussels, Belgium.


Falta legenda


Falta legenda


Tales Frey, Red Carpet, 2021. Video, 13’20”


Tales Frey, Red Carpet, 2019. Video, 3’35”


Tales Frey, Red Carpet, 2019. Video, 2’26”


O Globo NewspaperRio de Janeiro, 29 June 2021. Ver em: https://issuu.com/ciaexcessos/docs/o_globo