Tales Frey

The Body Never Exists in Itself (2018)


Tales Frey, The Body Never Exists in Itself. Performance realizada na cidade de São Paulo, Brasil. Outubro de 2018. Fotografia de Carol Vidal


Simple and random poses performed by bodies devoid of identity in short and controlled times. It is in this way that five performers use their corporeal masses either to refer to the dance or sometimes to remember the sculpture. In allusion to Man Ray’s surrealist masterpiece, “Object to be Destroyed” (1923), in addition to readings based on narratives and unpredictable effects, there is a clear proposal for a rhythmic observation of the work.



Performance by Tales Frey

Invited Performers: André Perosa, Fernanda Moraes, Gustavo Frey, Lyz Parayzo, Lucas Alves, Paola Frey, Renan Marcondes and Vítor Moraes.

Duration: 120 minutos



[2019] SESC Rio Preto, São José do Rio Preto, SP, Brazil.

[2019] SESC Jundiaí. Jundiaí, SP, Brasil.

[2018] SESC Av. Paulista. São Paulo, SP, Brasil.


Tales Frey, The Body Never Exists in Itself, 2018. Video, 3’16”