Tales Frey

Vidrar (2015)


Tales Frey, Vidrar, 2015. Video, 12’32’’. Edition: 5 + 2 P.A.


There’s no form to translate the original Portuguese title that means in one time “become glass” and “passionate/obsessive”. With the aid of a red lipstick I apply kisses continuously on a transparent glass surface until it is completely translucent and stained with the make-up blush tone in its entirety until my image to become blurred to the viewers.



[2017] Collective exhibition Feminists Transits. CES – Center for Social Studies, Coimbra, Portugal.

[2017] La Videoperformance. Curated by Paola Zucchello. Art Web Gallery, Genoa, Italy.

[2016] The Nature of the Margin. XX Queer Lisbon Festival. Curated by José Aparício Gonçalves. Oficina Irmãos Marques, Lisbon, Portugal.

[2016] SESC Campinas, Campinas, SP, Brazil.

[2016] Collective exhibition In State of War. Curated by Hilda de Paulo and Tales Frey. Teatro Académico de Gil Vicente, Coimbra, Portugal.

[2016] Collective ExhibitionSob (Ul)Trajes e Gozos. Curated by Suianni Macedo. Júlio Dinis Museum, Ovar, Portugal.

[2015] Collective exhibition (Tra)vestir um Fa(c)to. Curated by José Maia. Espaço MIRA, Porto, Portugal.


Tales Frey, Vidrar (Polyptych), 2015. Photos, 50 x 37,5 cm each. Edition: 5 + 2 P.A.