Tales Frey

To be Privy (2017)


Exposição individual To Be Privy, de Tales Frey com curadoria de Rob Garrett na Window Corner Gallery. Auckland, Nova Zelândia, 2017. Fotografias de Clinton Phillips


In Tales Frey’s New Zealand debut the artist presents a performance documentation photograph and an unusual pair of shoes. While the artist slips his feet into two of the four entrances, his husband Mãe Paulo, steps into the opposing pair; and thus, bound together, and forced to face each other at an intimate distance, their every step becomes a dance. “During this time together, we explore the swings of our physical and mental states together until the end of time.”



Tales Frey: To Be Privy

Curator: Rob Garrett

05 October to 01 December 2017

Corner Window Gallery, Auckland, New Zealand

Thanks: Clinton Phillips, PAC – Paterson Architecture Collective, Athfield Architects and Artweek Auckland