Tales Frey

F2M2M2F x 6 (2016)


Tales Frey, F2M2M2F x 6, 2016. Video, 3’57”


In this unfolding of the F2M2M2F performance art, the action is activated by 12 artists, and through the binary referents (bodies and costumes held by men or women), heteronormative social codes are subverted in relation to a logic considered ideal in a heterocentered system. Divided into 6 doubles, always moving through space, each artist kisses her/his own image reflected in a double-sided mirror for an uninterrupted hour.

Although the established link in the action is the ultra-exposition of binarisms, they are emphasized precisely to emphasize the questioning of social codes already so recognized and introjected in our culture.



Performance art by Tales Frey | Extraordinary participations: (France) Anouk Mignot, Cansouline Jordi, Deltort Clara, Figueras Violette, Gaillard Augustin, Lagrange Adrien, Martin Celia, Paulo da Mata, Séverine Letailleur,Socheata Aingand Valentin Labatut;(Portugal) Ana Santos, Daniel Pinheiro, Joana Bueno, Liliana Correia, Igor Gaviole, Isabel Costa, Isabel Martinez, Renato Duran, Rolando Galhardas, Tânia Dinis and Tiago Sarmento; (Brazil) Ailton Rosa, Alexandre De Angeli, Alohá De La Queiroz, Gabriela Russo Bassani, Majú Minervino, Marcela Tiboni, Marcio Vasconcelos, Michele Zotareli, Monica Galvão, Outro Luiz and Thiago Panini | Camera: (Brazil) Rodrigo Munhoz; (Portugal) José Caldeira and Da Mata | Length of the action: 1h | Production: Municipal Theatre Rivoli | Municipal Theatre of São Paulo + Praça das Artes + 22èmes Rencontres Traverse Vidéo: “L’Expérimental recherche/art” +Cia. Excessos | Toulouse, France 2019 | Porto, Portugal 2018 | Sao Paulo, Brazil 2016




[2019] Traverse Vidéo, Prép’art, Toulouse, France. 

[2018] 86º Birthday of Rivoli. Municipal Theatre Rivoli, Porto, Portugal.

[2016] Permeable Presence, Praça das Artes – Municipal Theatre of Sao Paulo Fundation, Sao Paulo, SP, Brazil.