Tales Frey

To Be Privy (2017)


Tales Frey, To Be Privy – Object, 2017. Object, 63 x 12 x 11,5 cm. Edition: 3 + 2 P.A.

Acquisition Award XIX Cerveira International Art Biennial 2017


Wearing a pair of shoes with a four-foot entrance, I propose a two hours uninterrupted coexistence with my husband Da Mata, with whom I walk, in silence, the entire area bounded for action to take place. The design of the object forces our bodies to be placed facing each other and also this makes our steps seem to dance. During this time together, we explore the swings of our physical and mental states together until the end of time. Once the performance is over, the pair of shoes can remain on display along with the action video record.



Performance art by Tales Frey | Exclusive participation by Da Mata | Length: 2 hours




[2019] BienalSur 2019. Buenos Aires, Argentina.

[2019] Sonora [+]. SESC São José do Rio Preto.São José do Rio Preto-SP, Brazil

[2019] In Dance Positions, curated by Daniela Labra, Centro Municipal de Arte Hélio Oiticica, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

[2019] SESC São José dos Campos. São José dos Campos-SP, Brazil.

[2019] 22èmes Rencontres Traverse Vidéo: “L’Expérimental recherche/art. Librairie Ombres Blanches. Toulouse, France.

[2018] 86º Birthday of Rivoli Theatre. Municipal Rivoli Theatre, Porto, Portugal.

[2017] SESC Santana. Sao Paulo, SP, Brazil.

[2017] SESC Registro. Registro, SP, Brazil.

[2017] Athens Museum of Queer Arts – AMOQA, Athens, Greece.



[2019] Movediça – III Mostra de Performance Arte. Liberdade Galeria de Arte. São Paulo, SP, Brazil.

[2019] BienalSur 2019. Buenos Aires, Argentina.

 [2019] Mostra IPêrformático. Centro Cultural José Octávio Guizzo, Sala Ignês Correa, Campo Grande, MS, Brazil.

[2019] 22èmes Rencontres Traverse Vidéo: “L’Expérimental recherche/art”. Cinéma Le Cratère. Toulouse, France.

[2019] 5th ARTAnkara Contemporary Art Fair. Ankara, Turkey.

[2019] Five Activation Tactics. Centro para os Assuntos da Arte e Arquitectura. Guimarães, Portugal.

[2019] PerfoArtNet: VI International Biennial of Performance. Manifiestos de Género, Raza y Relaciones. Asab. Bogotá, Colombia.

[2018] Galeria Zsenne. 29 de setembro de 2018. Brussels, Belgium.

[2018-19] Aesthetics of Movement. Online exhibition presented in collaboration with Stockholm Performance Art and Istanbul Performance Art.

[2018] Tacão Rápido, Porto, Portugal.

[2018] It’s all Performativity Question. Curated by Elisa Noronha, Fórum Cultural de Cerveira, Vila Nova de Cerveira, Portugal.

[2018] Exhibition Entanglements for a Body. Curated by Raphael Fonseca. Federal Justice Cultural Center, Rio de Janeiro, RJ, Brazil.

[2017] SESC Araraquara. Araraquara, SP, Brazil.

[2017] 2nd PERFORM – OR NOT. Gallery 3,14, Tallinn, Estonia.

[2017] Convergência 2017. SESC Palmas, Palmas, TO, Brazil.

[2017] To be Privy. Curated by Rob Garrett. Corner Window Gallery, Auckland, New Zealand.

[2017] XIX Cerveira International Art Biennial: From Pop Art to Transavantgards. Vila Nova de Cerveira, Portugal.


Tales Frey, To Be Privy, 2017. Video, 3’50’’. Edition: 5 + 2 P.A.

Edition 1/5 + 2 P.A. is part of the collection of the Museum of Contemporary Arts of Niteroi (MAC Niteroi), Niteroi, RJ, Brazil


Tales Frey, To Be Privy, 2017. Photo, 150 x 108 cm. Edition: 5 + 2 P.A.


Exhibition To Be Privy (2017), by Tales Frey with curatorship of Rob Garrett at Window Corner Gallery. Auckland, New Zealand, 2017. Photo by Clinton Phillips



Dress (2015) and To Be Privy (2017), by Tales Frey at XIX Cerveira International Art Biennial: From Pop Art to Transavantgards. Vila Nova de Cerveira, Portugal, 2017. Photo by Helena Ferreira