Tales Frey

The Kiss III (2015)


Tales Frey, The Kiss III, 2015. Video, 30’25’’. Edition: 7 + 2 P.A.


Kiss between a man and a woman with exactly 30 minutes whose codes found on clothes and accessories on the two bodies are reversed according to heteronormative and binary logic.



[2017] Collective Exhibition Feminists Transits. CES – Center for Social Studies, Coimbra, Portugal.

[2016] Collective exhibition In State of WarCurated by Hilda de Paulo and Tales Frey. Teatro Académico de Gil Vicente, Coimbra, Portugal.

[2016] Collective Exhibition Sob (Ul)Trajes e Gozos. Curated by Suianni Macedo. Júlio Dinis Museum, Ovar, Portugal.

[2015] Collective exhibition (Tra)vestir um fa(c)to. Curated by José Maia. Espaço MIRA, Porto, Portugal.