Tales Frey

Rest Speed Impressions (2021)


Tales Frey, Rest Speed Impressions, 2021. Video, 1’43”. Edition: 15 + 2 P.A.


The video belongs to a set of works developed during the covid-19 pandemic, where a proposal is orientated to a group of artists, who perform simple instructions to be filmed from their homes to be sent to an authorial project. The proposition consists of requesting that bodies carry out different movements under clothes and accessories of the same black color, always in contrast to a white background.

From each of the videos received, a huge set of frames was exported, printed, and intervened with drawings and then drawings and printed images are mixed so that a stop motion animation appears. The entire process is revealed in the final resolution, including the presence of the hand that manipulates the planes, so there is a performative character not only in the execution of each instruction by the person who accepts to activate the proposition, but also in the gesture of revealed mediation.



Proposition by Tales Frey| Performers (creation of bodies compositions): Jean Smekats, Lívia Aguiar, Maicon Minhoto, Mateus Macedo and Rodrigo Mergulhão | Porto/Portugal 2021



[2022] SESC Campinas. Campinas-SP, Brazil.

[2021] SESC Ipiranga [IGTV], São Paulo-SP, Brazil.